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Recruitment Process

Check how to start your adventure with Sii. Learn more about the stages of our recruitment process, find best suiting you job ad and go for it!
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Path to join us

Find the job that's right for you

The dynamic development of the company, connected with an increasing number of the carried out project, generates an huge demand for a wide variety of new Employees. Check out what kind of candidates we are looking for now!

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Now you sure that you want to try? Great, don’t hesitate, apply now by filing out our application form or sending CV on email address provided in the offer!

Attend a job interview

If your CV receives a positive note, you will be invited to a job interview during which you will be questioned about your experience, motivation, expectations. The meeting is also aimed at checking your technical knowledge and skills you have listed on your CV. We guarantee that the atmosphere during the interview will be nice and you will be treated as a partner. Moreover, you will have the chance to see for yourself where and how we work and have a cup of delicious coffee. :)

Take a technical test

If you have reached the stage – congratulations! It means that the previous ones you have passed successfully. The next step is checking your technical skills necessary to implement the project. You will be asked to take a test that will be sent to you via TestaSiistant App. Alternatively, you can expect a phone call with our expert.

Get to know your project and tasks

The meeting with the manager that supervises the project you will be a part of is almost the last step in the recruiting proces. :) On the one hand, it is a final verification of your skills and motivation by your future superior. On the other hand, it is an opportunity for learning more about the project, tasks and expectations toward you

Start your adventure with Sii

Welcome to Sii! Now you are one of POWER PEOPLE – one of us! It’s just the beginning. Find out how you can develop with us, in what activities you can participate and how to build your future career with us!


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Any questions?

Why did nobody contact me after I send CV?

Probably in the case of this particular offer, your CV has not satisfied its requirements. Nevertheless, all application documents are being stored in our database and they may be processed once again in case of other recruitment processes. In such a case, we may contact you to invite you for a job interview.

Why there're so many job ads?

A large number of job ads is connected with a rampant development of the company. We are constantly obtaining new projects and clients, this causes an increase in demand for new Employees. Each month we hire over 60 people!

Why do
the same offers
keep on appearing?

Increasing number of projects run for a wide range of clients generates the constant demand for new specialists. Very often, they are from the same or very similar area of expertise or with the same skills. It is the cause of our ongoing search specialists in a given area. The numbers reflect this situation best – last year the number of employees increased by over 600 specialists!

How long does it take
to process my application?

From the time of application, it takes us a few days to process your CV and check if it suits the requirements of the job you applied for. Then we contact the selected Candidates to undertake the further steps within the recruitment process. If you don’t receive any answer from us for a longer period of time, it means that in the case of this particular offer your application has been turned down.

Do I apply to
Sii or to a client?

Of course to Sii! Projects at client’s premises may simply be your first task as our new employee. But it is Sii that employs you and we will take care of you!

What happens
when the project

We provide our employees with a stable employment. We do not hire just for a project (unless it was specified at the beginning), but we hope for long term co-operation. Upon termination of a project, we will look for another one that suits your qualifications and expectations. accordance with your profile, professional development and project possibilities.

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