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I. Purpose of training

Preparation of course participants to work as qualified Salesforce Developers.

II. Acquired skills

Participants will gain theorectical and practical programming knowledge, using the Salesforce platform:

  • Database management using SOQL Query (similar to SQL)
  • How to prepare Visualforce pages (similar to HTML)
  • Programming using Apex (similar syntax to Java)
  • Securing system data
  • Writing unit tests
  • How to use the necessary tools and software

Participants will be able to independently work as Salesforce Developers on any projects within companies using the platform.

After successfully completing the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion from the “Salesforce Academy”

III. Who it is for

„Salesforce Academy” training applies to:

  • People with little IT experience
  • Technical couse students and graduates (preferably computer studies)
  • People who want to change technology

IV. Why it’s worth participating in this course

Sii rekomenduje wzięcia udziału w szkoleniu ze względu na:

  • The most training hours for the lowest price in the market: (40 hours of classes)
  • The most advanced and comprehensive training program on the market, fully preparing its students as qualified professional Salesforce Developers
  • Practical assignments and tasks using Salesforce development tools and software
  • The courses are run by qualified training coaches, already working as professional developers in their field, that are able to share the wealth of their experience and deliver their practical knowledge
  • Employment opportunities through Sii after successful course completion
  • The courses are organized by Sii, a credible and recognized market partner

V. Training program

Training Plan

VI. Course organization

1. Training duration: 40 hours (5 days)

2. Weekend classes (Saturday & Sunday)

3. Net price: 1,100 – 2,000 PLN (depending on the numer of people)

4. Catering is provided by the organizor during training

5. After completing the course, we issue a certificate

6. Applications and inquiries can be sent to: szkolenia-lublin@pl.sii.eu

*The organizer reserves the right to change the program and the organization of training

www.sii.pl informacja@pl.sii.eu


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