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Test Automation Engineer – training

Have you wanted to become a programmer but  you have no self-confidence?

Taking part in “Test Automation Engineer” training, in three weeks, you will learn the ins and outs of working as a test developer and how to use the necessary tools in this job.

I. Purpose of training

  • Training participants will be prepared to work as qualified Test Developers.

II. Gained skills

  • Introduction to testing and application lifecycle
  • Object Oriented Programming – the basics
  • Test automation of web applications using Selenium
  • How to use design patterns in a field of testing
  • Test automation framework development – the basics
  • Environment configuration for running test automation using Selenium GRID


III. For whom

Training is aimed for people who want to gain basic knowledge on test automation. It starts with two days of programming training followed by four days of test automation related topics. People that didn’t have any knowledge about programming will, prior to the course, receive a syllabus, stating what should they learn before the course ( i.e. basic programming information or IDE installation)
Syllabus will contain:

  • Introduction and installation
    • JDK installation
    • Eclipse IDE – introduction
    • ‘Hello world’ project
  • Programming Basics
    • Introduction
    • Data types
    • variables
    • operators
    • Loading data
    • Basic functions
    • GIT
    • Practise exercises

IV. Training program

Test Automation Engineer
Day 1 
Introduction to programming + syllabus revision
If statements
Days 2 
object oriented programming (classes methods, objects, interfaces)
Design patterns
Days 3
Testing – Basics
Test Automation – Basics
Selenium IDE
Selectors (XPath + CSS)
Days 4 
Selenium WebDriver introduction
Interactions with different types of objects
Test Automation using Selenium IDE – exercises using Selenium WebDriver
Days 5
Automation of advanced test scenarios
Page Object Pattern
Using POP with already created tests
Dynamic synchronization within long loading web interface
Days 6
Advanced interactions with web elements
Test parameterization
Selenium GRID configuration
Support for different browsers

V Course organization

  1. Training duration: 48 hours (6 days)
  2. Weekend classes (Saturday & Sunday)
  3. Course pricing: 2499 PLN gross (assuming 10 participants)
  4. Catering during training is provided by the organizer
  5. After completing the course, we provide a certificate
  6. Applications and inquiries can be sent to: szkolenia-lublin@pl.sii.eu

* The organizer reserves the right to change the program and the organization of training


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