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Develop your career in Sii Poland

We know that the first step is the hardest one but with us changing jobs is easy and secure. It doesn’t matter whether you come from another country or from another region in Poland - we will help you find yourself in a new situation.
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What we offer

  • Financial support

    you will receive a financial bonus, which you can use to cover the travel costs, move cost, flat rental or visa fee.

  • Help in acclimatization

    we will help you find a flat and choose the proper neighborhood and we will recommend the school for your children. We will support you during the whole process of adaptation, so you can always seek advice.

  • Administrative support

    we will help you get a work permit and residence permit or visa.

  • Polish language course

    co-financed by Sii, it will help you communicate effectively in both life and professional situations.

  • Implementation in the work environment

    you will get a support from a supervisor and from many others, that will help you quickly implement to the new work environment.

Our employees from abroad about Sii

What made them come to Poland? Are they satisfied with their decisions? What do they think about Power People? Watch the small talks and see if they like living in Poland and working at Sii!

Our workers

Read the comments of our employees about the reasons for their relocation
and Sii commitment in the process.

  • Aksana

    Software Tester from Belarus

    I decided to move to Poland because of several reasons. I wanted to get experience working in real international team and my current position matches to my professional interests. I wanted to learn Polish language better and get familiar with Polish culture, history etc.

    Sii provided me with the paper work , work permit, financial support. Also Sii provided me with the contact of a person who helped me to rent an apartment. I had received a big support from my future teammate. I was lucky.

  • Nazar

    Java Developer from Ukraine

    I visited Krakow and I liked this city so much so I decided to stay here. I wanted to get an experience in real international team and my current position matches to my professional interests. I got a lot of help with papers from Sii. So as for me Sii is fabulous from this side. If someone decide to move to Krakow I will recommend Sii for sure. It is a nice company with friendly and competent people.

  • Anna

    Software Tester from Ukraine

    My family had a dream to move to nice European country, Poland was the favorite from cultural point of view and geography. Especially Gdansk with it’s marvelous sea shore. And when I found  an interesting project in SII in Gdansk, I did not hesitate to accept it. I like people here, rhythm of life in Gdansk, the sea and the office – nice modern building. Well, I feel good here. I’d recommend SII to my friends. People in SII value their time, they are concentrated on work while doing tasks in the office and they appreciate their personal time.

Our offices

See where you can find us

Selected location:
  • Cracow

    The UNESCO World Heritage Site

    bicycle-friendly city

    60% of the population is under 45 years of age

    Read more

  • Katowice

    13 coal mines

    called city of skyscrapers

    the largest sport and show arena in Poland “SPODEK” (eng. saucer)

    Read more

  • Wroclaw

    called WrocLove

    with more than 200 bridges it’s called Venice of the Nort

    one of the warmest cities in Poland

    Read more

  • Lublin

    the largest city east of the Vistula

    one of the three cities where the trolleys ride

    300-meter-long tourist route in the underground of the old town

    Read more

  • Lodz

    often called city of festivals

    just like Hollywood, it has its own Walk of Fame

    widely known as a center of Polish cinematography

    Read more

  • Poznan

    recognized as the music capital of Poland

    the most economic city in the country. Only the capital has more increase of GDP per capita

    potatoes have gained immense popularity here

    Read more

  • Gdansk

    beautiful seaside town

    part of the Tri-City (Gdynia, Gdańsk, Sopot)

    called the “Gateway to the World” because of its favorable geographical location

    Read more

  • Warsaw

    the capital of Poland

    with 66 universities it is a city of students

    the best Polish chocolates, candies and Ptasie mleczko (eng. Bird’s milk) are from Warsaw

    Read more

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