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Check the values we observe at work. Wath do these 15 Important words mean to us? Find out what is so special about us and why it is worth to hold onto our values!


We aren’t afraid of facing challenges. We set ourselves ambitious goals and pursue them vigorously.

Can-do- attitude

There is nothing impossible for us. Approaching tasks with a positive attitude, constant strive for improvement and setting oneself challenging objectives are the key to success.


Leadership demands making tough decisions! We are not afraid of taking calculated risk and facing the consequences of our choices. We have the courage to express our opinion, also the criticism against our subordinates and managers. To ensure financial solidity of the company, we are able to take unpopular decisions.


We willingly and freely give extra effort, not as an ‘add on’, but as an inseparable part of our daily activity at work. We are fully absorbed by what we do and devoted to our company and people who constitute it, which every day encourages us to work harder and deliver the best quality output.


We scrupulously observe the principles of fair play and pay fairness when dealing with our clients and employees. We pay salaries that reflect the objective average value and individual performance of a worker. As to clients, we treat them fairly, by offering the reasonable prices for the quality we deliver.

Fighting spirit

We never give up and fight till the end! When dealing with the activities at work or competing with our rivals on the market, we strive hard to achieve our ultimate goal - being the best IT and engineering services provider.


Flexibility at Sii goes beyond the ability to adjust the working conditions, type of contract or working hours to the preferences of an individual employee. We match our offer, including the cooperation and billing models, to the ever-changing business requirements and specific needs of our clients. We adapt our organization to each customer expectations.


Regardless of the circumstances, we stay loyal to our company. We support each other through good times and bad. We internalize the company goals as personal ones and are willing to give extra time and effort to the company when necessary.


We are characterized by ambition, but not insolence. We value modesty and straightforwardness.


Passion is our element! We express it through our attitude to technology, work, people and fun.


We take the utmost care to ensure the highest quality of rendered services. We proactively verify and evaluate our activities on a regular basis.


We are all equal. Regardless of position, age, sex, religion… – we respect each other – and recognize the differences between us as our greatest assets.

Team spirit

A good team is our greatest asset. We work together as well as share our experiences and insights with each other.


We spare no effort to provide our clients and employees with honest and precise information. In any situation and despite the consequences, we openly communicate our opinion and criticism.


Trust is the essential element of any relationship at Sii. We confide in our employees, which allows us to give them the power to make decisions and take the full responsibility for the tasks they perform.

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